Sales Breakthrough Call

Are you passionate about your business? Lost when it comes to sales? Clam up when it comes to closing? Lose potential clients along the way? No idea what your sales strategy should look like? Nodding?

Then, you need a Sales Breakthrough Call to boost your confidence, belief and sales figures. I want to use the passion you have for your brand to help you fall in love with selling.

With my support, you will…❤  Identify gaps in your marketing that are losing you sales.❤  Understand the sales process in a way that feels natural for you.❤  Learn proven sales techniques to reach, close-down and follow-up sales.❤  Develop a sales strategy unique to your business.

Get in touch to book an hour with me. Every Sales Breakthrough Call is different depending on your needs and if budget allows can become a regular weekly or monthly session – you are in the driving seat.  All these sessions currently run via video conferencing on Google Meet.

“Great 1 to 1 support”

“Moira has a wealth of experience in sales and marketing and she really took the time to try and understand my business and help me understand my marketing needs. She then helped me to form a marketing and sales strategy. Great 1 to 1 support, I would highly recommend to anyone who either doesn’t understand marketing very well (i.e. me) or to anyone who needs a fresh approach to help their sales strategy.

Greg O’Connell, GOC Construction Management