An important sales tool that shouldn’t be overlooked.

Oct 20, 2019

Reflecting – how you got to where you are and how it can help you going forward.

I’m still in my one year anniversary month so have been reflecting on how far I have come in that year.

It’s something that I should do more of as it has quite the transformational magic needed for a solo business owner.

What do I mean by that? Well as a solopreneur we have to be a jack of all trades but still an expert in our chosen field. It’s a constant juggling act and only by taking some time out to reflect can we check we are still heading towards our original goal.

My goal was to help people sell better, fall in love with selling and enjoy selling.

Have I achieved that?

I attended a business networking event last week. At that were a few of my clients I have worked with this last year. I took great delight in hearing they have implemented some of the techniques I had explained, either in 121’s with them or as part of my #sellingwithheart workshop; techniques that have helped them grow their businesses. One of my clients even said they hear ‘Moira’ in their head when they are about to send a newsletter out as I reminded them they are “giving not getting” by sharing useful information.

How can you give over get? What can you do to help your customers or clients?

It could be they’ve had your product for a few months – share with them via a newsletter, facebook post or in person some news about new products.

If it’s been a year since they had their logo designed by you, can you offer them an annual check in to see if that logo is fulfilling expectations, or if they need any additional artwork to support that branding?
If you own a holiday let, do you have any Christmas special offers you can share?

Or a cleaning service, remind your clients to book in their big pre Christmas clean before you get too busy.

Sometimes our clients just need a gentle nudge to remind them we are there.

How many times has someone called you and you say you were just thinking you should get in touch with them, so they’ve helped you tick something off your to do list.

Be helpful, remind them why they loved buying from you in the past.

This is a great way to market to your existing client base.

But you also need to find new clients.

An easy way to do this is ask those happy existing clients to refer you to friends. But not only that, ask them to introduce you to those friends and acquaintances once they’ve shown an interest in what you do. This could be an introduction face to face at a networking event, tagging people into a Facebook post, or starting a message thread on LinkedIn or Messenger.

This is a really effective and useful marketing strategy and one that is easily overlooked.

As the end of the year is near, we should all be taking some time out to reflect on our businesses and which direction we want to head for in the coming year.

To help, I have devised a new service for business owners. It’s a new Sales Audit and Strategy Planning session. The aim of this is to give you some clarity going forward, to reflect on where your sales came from in the previous year, how that can help you going forward, plus looks at new routes to market.

To accompany this we will use a sales strategy workbook that will be an invaluable tool to help you over the coming year and can be referred back to whenever you feel the need to check in with yourself.

This is a 2 hour 121 session with me, either in person or over zoom. You’ll receive a link to download the workbook ahead of our session, so you come prepared and we can crack straight on. I want to help you see how well you are already doing with sales but to also help inspire you to grow your sales.