Some things I use to try and make life a little simpler!

These are some business resources I use to make things run a little smoother. They are things I *actually* use or have used. I would’t list things I don’t think can help, I promise.

Some of these will be affiliate links – by that I mean if you click through from them and sign up to use, I may receive a small commission. It won’t add ANY cost to what you are getting and doesn’t take away from the fact I am recommending them. You are free to bypass my affiliate link and search on google.

GSuite/Google Workspace

I LOVE GSuite (Google Workspace as it is becoming) – I’m a bit of a Google fan to be honest. With GSuite I pay a monthly fee but with that I get lots of storage space (30gb on my plan), a professionally branded email and all the document building software I need. It’s becoming more common for other businesses to use Google so sharing documents, slides, spreadsheets etc is a breeze. I also love how it all syncs together, so I can be working on my laptop and the changes I make there, appear as if by magic on my phone or my desktop. I also feel it bridges those who are either a Microsoft user or a Mac user.

It’s also been really useful for video conferencing as I use Google Meet for meetings and workshops (as well as family video calls at the weekend in these crazy Covid times). It’s a fantastic business resource.


I currently use this to keep my diary (and brain) in tact. I am able to simply send out a link to clients to arrange our 121’s so there is no email tennis trying to secure a time and date that suits us both. It syncs with my Google diary that I use (part of my GSuite Account) meaning I’m not juggling diaries. Due to covid and my sessions now being online it also syncs with Google Meet and Zoom, so that the link is there as part of the booking.

It can handle payments too – I’ve intergrated Stripe and PayPal. This is such a time saver as well. You can set it to ask for different things. Payment up front, a deposit etc.

I like that it email emails a reminder of our meeting 24 hours ahead plus a follow up 24 hours after.

You can use it for group bookings too (e.g. workshops)


Scheduling social media posts is something I am not great at remembering to do. So what I like about Publer is that it makes it easy to do across several platforms. So for example, if you need to post across Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn & Twitter (they also cover Pinterest and Google My Business) with a similar message, you can do it all on one screen, but alter text or images depending on what platform you use. You can also schedule in posts that are evergreen to be used intermittently and set up Auto Schedule where Publer decides for you when to post (based on a schedule you set). It takes some getting used to, but it has a really good resources guide. 


Speaking of social media posts, a good image always helps. I use Canva almost every single day. It is very user friendly and easy to master. There are thousands of templates and even on the free version you can do so much. I have the paid version, just so I am able to resize images for different platforms, cut out photos, have more icons to use, but really the free version is great.

You can create workbooks for trainings, social media graphics, so much. Check it out. 


This one is the newest tool I am using. I made it my mission in the summer to learn more about digital sales funnels. I’m used to talking to people about sales funnels  – as in having a starting point of getting potential customers to look at your business, moving them on to consider doing business with you and then driving that potential customer down the funnel to make a purchase and keep coming back for more.

Digital funnels are the way of doing this seamlessly all online. There are certainly ways of doing it with lots of different tools, but this platform will let you do it all in one place. It’s a page builder, an email autoresponder, a video hosting platform, a membership platform, a shopping cart. This list goes on. Its still very new and in Beta phase but I’m enjoying working with it and can’t wait for all my systems to be in one place.

There is a FREE lifetime offer available at the moment, that offers most of the upgraded version, and its free for life with no credit card needed. I’ve upgraded because I want all the bells and whistles, but follow this link to get your free account and I’ll also send out a quick start guide.