‘Ask and you shall receive’

Jun 5, 2019

While on my walk home from dropping my daughter off at school this morning I paused as I passed the local playground. Now, what’s this got to do with sales I hear you ask. Well whenever I pass or use that playground with my kids, my chest swells with pride slightly as I was very much involved in getting that playground improved 3 years ago.

Its previous incarnation was a small, cramped space with one slide and a climbing frame and some bizarre circular rocking thing that no-one even understood what it was for. If there were more than two kids playing in there it felt cramped. On one visit with my newborn son in the pram and 4-year-old daughter in tow, I had a very low moment. I was exhausted and emotional and needed something to entertain my daughter with. Everywhere else was a drive away and I just wanted to go somewhere nearby. But this ‘entertaining’ for my daughter was done and dusted in about 5 minutes and she was insisting on something else to ‘do’.

So I did what I do best – I took action! I got on the phone to the council, found the right person to talk to and voiced my opinion that that current play park was too small for the area as a whole new housing estate was being built specifically for families, therefore the park was surely due an upgrade.

Initially, I got palmed off with platitudes and put it in writing etc. etc.

So I did – I ASKED could funding be found from either the council or from the building company who were encouraging families to the area.

And to my amazement, I got a call back from the council official I’d first spoken to. Then invited to a meeting with the local Councillors and then to a Village Trust meeting, and a site meeting and lo and behold about 18 months later the diggers arrived and our new bigger, exciting and very entertaining park was opened!

Its been open a couple of years now and we visit the park after school most nights and it is packed with kids laughing and playing and enjoying the freedom and excitement of being outside and entertained away from tablets and computer games.

So my sales tip here – remember to ASK for the sale. I wasn’t after a sale in this example BUT if I’d not asked about the park, I might never have happened. I might have been on a plan for the future, yes, it probably was, but I believe it was pushed forward because someone took the time to ASK.

When you have a potential client interested in your product or service and you’ve spent the time getting to know them, getting to know what it is they need solving, it really is important to ASK for the sale. That person could be waiting for you to ask, and if you don’t they will drift away or worse still go and buy from a competitor.

‘Ask and you shall receive’! Maybe not every time but if you want to up your sales ratio’s it makes perfect sense!