Top 5 tips for selling via a phone-call

Jun 30, 2020

It might be old fashioned but talking get results.

Having written my last post about Zoom Fatigue it certainly has become a thing. The day I posted it there was a report on the website decrying the same. So how do we counter this problem now that using digital technologies, video meetings etc. has become so ‘normal’.

My advice is to go back to using the phone. It is something I tell clients they really should make more use of. And as such I’ve taken my own advice and am using the phone whenever I can over video. Obviously having the video technology is great if you need to share your screen but if that isn’t on the agenda a simple conversation over the phone works great.

Why? It feels more relaxed. If you like to sit back in your office chair and rock (like I do) no-one will think you are mad because they won’t see. Likewise if you are free to walk around this can actually empower you, embolden you to ask the questions you might otherwise we afraid to ask – like “do you want to buy?”.

We can fanny on with emails for weeks trying to get to a decision, but a straight question usually gets a straight and immediate answer.

Top 5 tips for selling on the old dog & bone (phone)!

1. Be prepared! That’s the beauty of a phone call. Your caller will hear you pull stats seemingly out of the air but you’ll have all the info right there in front of you and they are non the wiser. You will sound like the ultimate pro (and of course you are).

2. Plan you call – what is the outcome of the call? Is this a call to help you nurture your relationship with this person? Even if it is, share a nugget of news or information that will add value to their day. I have lots of ideas of ways to stay on your clients radar on another blog post so check it out. If it’s a call to get a decision on a deal, be up front about it at the start.

3. Be polite – ask them how they are and importantly if they have time for the call. If it’s not convenient, don’t worry. Just ask them when would be the best time to call or even tell them you’ll call back at a certain time so you can get their agreement for the call there and then.

4. Listen to what they are saying. You don’t want to miss any cue’s that might signal they are ready to buy. That’s the beauty of a phone call. You can hear the interest in the other persons voice and more importantly you can get an instant answer. That’s what I love most about phone calls.

5. And finally, if you have promised to provide them with extra information or that you’ll call back at a specific time, then make sure you do and in a timely manner. The fortune is in the follow up!

A bonus tip – just be yourself. Don’t get too hung up on making phone calls. Don’t assume people won’t want the phone ringing just because you don’t. Think about how many times have you answered the phone to someone you’d been meaning to call for ages? You feel it’s ticked something off your to do list, which is always a good feeling. Just sit back and relax into the call. The more you do it the more you’ll love it. I promise.

I’ve created a free downloadable crib sheet to help you get through the sales ‘conversation’ with ease. So make sure you check it out, print it off and pop it on your pinboard near where you like to make those calls.

And if you’d like to have a quick chat with me about anything to do with selling it’s really easy to arrange, just book a call with me now.