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Aug 27, 2019

As I come to the end of my summer break I’m sitting in the dining room of our holiday home, looking out at the misty fells around me and reflecting on the last three weeks of family time.

I’ve witnessed many variations of the sales conversation and in different languages (we camped in France near Lake Annecy for two weeks before heading the the English Lake District) during that time.
When I’ve been really happy is when that sales conversation has been genuine and heartfelt. We first camped at a small intimate family run campsite and they couldn’t have done more for us had we asked. They were all genuinely interested in what our plans where, what the kids wanted to see and do and how they could make our lives easier with great tips on getting about with children, the best places to eat etc.

The second campsite was more corporate. Three lovely, young french people ran the office, but they were neither interested in our plans or our kids and didn’t have anything useful to tell me when I asked about good days out or family friendly restaurants.
It was such a shame. The campsite was lovely, clean, great pool, advertising itself as family friendly but really lacked the character of the first.

The character of the first was reinforced daily by the staff. The owner had obviously relayed to the team the importance of family first. It ooozed that as far as I was concerned. The second we quickly realised was staffed by young inexperienced summer staff – there to make some money to fuel their time off.

Basically the brand values of the second had not been relayed to the staff.

If you ever get to the point of wanting to employ staff, I feel its important you can easily show them, or demonstrate to them what your brand values are.

For me I would want to employ someone who really understood the importance of relationships; someone who wasn’t there to chase the money but to forge a long term mutually beneficial relationship with any clients; someone who cared about what the clients end goal was.

If you havne’t done it before I highly recommend you sit down with a sheet of paper or a wipe board and map out what your brand values are. Put your brand at the centre and then from there write what are the important values you wish to portray. If you are struggling, ask clients what they feel your values are – they should hopefully match if they are a satisfied client. Then take some time to check that everything you do, from your logo, the way you answer the phone, your email sign off, how you greet someone at an event – all play into those values. If you truly understand your values it will make it easier for staff members to grasp them easily too.

If you have your brand values nailed it will also make it easier for clients to identify themselves with you therefore making a sale with them happen organically.

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