Where I got my selling confidence from!

Sep 24, 2021

Who is Moira Barnes anyway?!

It’s been a while since I did a post about me so as I approach my third business birthday, it seemed rather apt to do one now.

I love helping people. I always have as I’ve always had an uncanny knack for seeing a way out of a problem, or how to do something a different way with a quicker outcome. Be that helping the teachers at school get books handed out quickly, helping my mum run her social club for victims of strokes as a teenager, to helping customers of Laura Ashley come up with a new room scheme – my end goal and what gave me a buzz was seeing the look of satisfaction on the faces of those I was helping.

My first ‘job’ was a ‘saturday girl’ position in the big department store in Liverpool. I was nervous as hell. But I always listened and learned from those around me. I went on to work again as a Saturday Girl in Laura Ashley for 5 years, first in Liverpool and then in Southampton as I studied for an HND in Fashion and then a BA (Hons) in Media Studies.

After I’d finished my degree I was meant to start as a Trainee Manager for LA but instead, I hopped on a plane to America with no idea where I’d end up. I ended up in New England and worked at a Motel in a beach resort, first as a chambermaid and eventually as the office manager. When that stint finished I worked as an Aupair for about a year before returning (begrudgingly) to the UK. This time taught me I had great tenacity. I could put my hand to anything. I had to ‘sell’ my skills to get both these roles and I’m still very proud of myself for pushing way beyond my comfort zone.

I’m from a town called St Helens in the North West of England but the big lights of London beckoned and I escaped down to London, again with no idea what I might do. I landed a job in media sales, which I thought I’d do for 6 months and then head back to the States. BUT 16 years later I was still working in Media Sales as a Group Creative Solutions Director at Hearst UK!

Award winning sales expert!

In that 16 years, I worked for just 4 employers. Mongoose Communications, G+J of the UK, BBC Worldwide for 7 years (my favourite place to work – it felt very much like my London family) and then Hearst. I loved my roles and was fortunate enough to win a number of awards for my hard work. Each one brings me so much pride when I look at them.

At each publisher, I was sent on various training courses to help me be a better salesperson. At the BBC we even had a RADA actor come in and give us training on how to capture the attention of a room and I still use his techniques today when I am presenting. Invaluable!

Why am I sharing this with you? I want you to know that by working with me you are tapping into all these years of knowledge and experience I have gained at each and every sales role I have held. I am driven to help others. I am driven by the difference I can make to other business owners sales confidence and I’m ready to help you now.

If you feel ready to get empowered to sell, hop onto the waiting list (click here) for the next intake of students. You’ll get to ask me all about selling and I will help you unlock your own sales way and confidence.